Somatic TransitionsTM


Lasell Jaretzki Bartlett

Author ~ Horsewoman ~ Somatic Therapist & Educator

“I seem to be a verb.” – Buckminster Fuller

We are designed to be in motion, every system from subatomic to cellular to organs and the larger structures of our bodies.

When life events overwhelm us, happening too fast or too soon or too much to be integrated, parts of our motion-ability become fixed. Small parts, medium parts, and large parts can be experienced as stuck. We become the nouns of a story rather than the verbs.

The good news? Integration of these fixities can happen now regardless of how long since the past occurred or where they appear in the bodymind.

There is a natural flow of expansion and contraction in all of life. Consider the tides, the opening and closing of a daylily blossom, the ever-changing needs for rest and activity, for time with oneself and for being with others.

“If you want to improve the world, start by making people feel safer.” Stephen Porges

In Somatic Transitions, Lasell facilitates your sense of safety so these shifts from stuckness to flow happen spontaneously at a pace that allows integration and reorganization throughout the bodymind.

Evolving forward into who you are designed to be involves attending in the present moment, building relationship with yourself and with another. These stuck places come alive as your entire being draws you toward balance and movement and the internal and external connections of core and peripheral stability.