Why am I sharing these DIY exercises?  

I’ve been on a quest to be better for the horses in my life. Years ago I resumed yoga in hopes of being better balanced for my dear horse, Kacee. And I sought new horsemanship techniques in hopes of feeling safe and enjoying riding. 

Learning new techniques helped, but not enough. Until I started changing on the inside, I was limited in how I could help my horse. She needed to change on the inside, too. I wanted both of us to feel better inside and build trust in each other, not just perform better. 

Why would you try these DIY exercises?

When there’s an upset, someone needs to settle and Be the Calm for others including our horses. These can help you

  • feel more grounded and self aware.
  • feel more capable of calming yourself.
  • become more observant about the subtleties of experiences.
  • improve your sense of balance, sense of connection, sense of competence.

I’ve used these exercises to help myself and my horse and human friends and students. I love creating new ones to suit specific situations, so please reach out to me if you want some help. I have a book in progress that is a compilation of these and more exercises I’ve created, and ones I’ve learned through working with some remarkable teachers.

Check back now and then because I will be offering other exercises.