Little Waves. Photo by author.

This is life. We all experience waves. Waves of aliveness.

Big waves, little waves, and pauses of stillness in between waves. 

What about the really super duper humongously huge waves? We can surf them. We can dive into them one at a time aiming to come up for breath on the other side. We can call for help when some waves threaten to overwhelm us, as does our fear of being overwhelmed.

With the littlest waves and those precious pauses in between, we can rest, floating, held buoyant by the great salty oceans of our families and friends, our communities and beliefs, by our fondest memories and our hopes.

This especially is a time to bring our attention in close as we experience our waves. This especially is a time to meet and greet the pauses – embrace the pauses – soaking in the restorative moments that surface in their stillness.