On the Mats 1
(please teach me)

Fear and flow dance awkwardly.

This moment collides with hints of elsewhere. 

Unfazed by hesitation,
trust colludes
with the imperative for wholeness and halos.

On the Mats 2
(the physical, mental, and spiritual blending of uke and nage)

Hands reaching to a partner I can see but cannot find.

My fingers lax, devoid of try,
acclimated to emptiness.
A ten-note mantra of disbelief and resignation.

Extend, Sensei said.

As I open my timid grasp,
my heart races.

To reach again toward the possibility of nothingness seems a reckless choice.

But here I have been guided well before.
I can extend my heart if not yet my hands.

Sensing toward the possibility of connection, my heart speeds
but does not seize.

I find the softening where hands reaching
span the space.

Rothrist, Switzerland 2015